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Strategic Practice Solutions (SPS) has been providing medical billing consulting and practice management services to specialists since 2010.

Since then, we have refined, perfected and duplicated a process for collecting revenue for specialists by maintaining efficiency and  integrity, as well as hiring the best and most experienced people to work on the accounts. We know how important your patients are to your practice and will, therefore, work to strengthen the provider and patient relationship.

We also have partnerships with several companies who offer every imaginable solution to  providers in order to assist them in running an effective and profitable practice.

Strategic Practice Solutions takes a genuine interest and a distinct approach to our clients in that we understand your objectives and make meeting and exceeding all your expectations our priority. Our client’s satisfaction is our biggest asset. At SPS, we will work with you to cultivate and customize unique revenue recovery solutions while respecting your practice’s diversity. We will continue to work closely with you and your staff to uphold these processes in order to support your specific needs and goals.

Phone - (201) 477-1564          Email - info@strategicpsonline.com

Phone - 855-777-1056              Email - info@strategicpsonline.com

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